Selection of bus duct and calculation of technical parameters


Selection of bus duct and calculation of technical parameters

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The type selection of bus duct is generally considered from the following aspects: fire protection requirements, insulation materials should be flame-retardant and heat-resistant, do not release toxic gases under high temperature, and prevent chimney effect structurally. Dense insulation bus duct should be selected preferentially. If air insulation type is selected, fire blocking partition should be set for each unit in the tank shell; for particularly important places, in order to ensure emergency response In case of power supply fire, fire resistant tank shall be selected for maintenance.

As for the installation site, the first consideration is the protection level of the trench shell, and the second is the influence of the building structure on the shape of the trunking, the form of the installation support and the span. In the indoor special work site, such as the large capacity substation, in order to improve its heat dissipation effect, IP30 grade bus duct can be used. In the indoor ordinary work, such as the floor electrical shaft and the distribution room, in order to ensure the safety, no less than IP40 grade bus duct; indoor wet place or with splash proof requirements, in order to ensure that it can still work normally when being splashed, the bus duct of no less than IP54 grade shall be selected; outdoor or with special requirements, such as water spray prevention, wave prevention and corrosion prevention places, resin insulation bus duct can be selected respectively; large span place, shell reinforced bus duct shall be selected; rated current shall be from technology Considering the technical performance, heat dissipation effect and price, the aluminum alloy enclosure with low impedance and dense insulation bus duct with excellent heat dissipation performance and low energy consumption is widely used in the current market.

Select the correct rated current (in) of bus duct according to the working current (IB), and the size of (in) shall be selected according to the standard current level of bus duct product provided by the manufacturer.