Comparison between bus duct and cable


In the tower of wind airport, the main power transmission line is cable products. With the diversification of user demand and the further maturity of bus duct supplier technology, the application scale of bus duct in the wind power industry is growing.

Through interviews with suppliers of wind power bus duct and complete machine manufacturers in the wind power industry, the Market Research Department of gongkong compares the advantages of the two types of products in the wind power industry

Safety performance: bus duct system: high < - > cable system: low

·High short-time withstand current of bus duct system

·Equipped with special protection device

·Less loops and less fault points

System structure: linear design of bus duct, simple structure < - > complex cable structure

Space requirements: the bus duct system is small, the LD bus shape of 5000A is 240 * 180, and the installation space is small.

The cable system needs large space. The 5000A cable needs many cables in parallel, and the turning needs a larger radius.

Adaptability: bus duct cable

Reserved socket, only need to be < flexible < from the distribution cabinet to the load when increasing capacity

Replace the protection device and add a cable

Can be disassembled and reassembled, repeated < cost < can not be reused, resulting in waste

Use, save cost and increase cost

Control in the nearest position to the equipment < convenient < Control in the distribution room

The service life is more than 30 years, up to < service life < low service life, generally only 10-15 years

60 years

With the increase of such suppliers' investment in product technology and service, as well as the prominent advantages of bus duct in product price and installation, more and more users think that the replacement of cable by bus duct in the wind power industry is a major trend of future application.